Project milestones are points within a project’s timeline that signify major achievements or important events, working toward the project’s overall objectives. This project utilized a hybrid Waterfall and Agile-Scrum project management methodology. The Scrum sprints aligned with the capstone class’ required Milestones, which are available for download below.

Milestone #1

Milestone #1 focused on the initial organization of the project. We divided work amongst the team members to focus on overall project management, development of business documentation, creation of server and website infrastructure, and the initial development of our AI Cybersecurity Chatbot.

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Milestone #2

Milestone #2 focused on building out the items initiated in the first milestone. The initial business and project websites were put into production, early examples of the AI Chatbot were tested, and our first business documents (e.g. business plan and training materials were completed).

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Milestone #3

Milestone #3 focused on finalizing many of the outstanding project elements. A new version of the AI Chatbot was in development and undergoing heavy testing. The business and project websites were still undergoing development but more elements were published onto the production server. Additional business offerings were also finalized.

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